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Classes: Syllabus
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1. Overview of the Sibylline Order and Brief History of Modern Craft


2. History of Religion


3. Power-Over vs. Power from Within


4. Goddesses & Gods in Every Person: Archetypal Psychology


5. Magic & Physics: How Everything is Related


6. Sacred Sexuality


7. Beginning Shielding/Visualization


8. Beginning Meditation


9. Psychic Gifts


10. Wheel of the Year


11. Magic & Ethics

Wiccan Circle

12. Ritual Tools & Aspects


14. Raising & Directing Energy/Circle Casting

Wiccan Circle

15. The Nature, Elements & Structure of Ritual


16. Ceremonial Banishing & Casting

Wiccan Circle

16. Journey to Astral Realms: Building Place of Power

Sacred Space

17. Retrieving Power Animals (and Principals of Soul Retrieval)


18. Chakras & Basic Energy Healing Techniques

Sacred Space

19. Shamanic Healing & Aura Cleansing

Wiccan Circle

20. Past Life Regression


21. Elements of Spellwork

Wiccan Circle

22. Women's Mysteries/Men's Mysteries


23. Herbal Magic

Wiccan Circle

24. Ceating Sacred Space: Banishing & House Blessings


25. Introduction to Astrology


26.The 9 Inner Planes


27. Introduction to Kaballah


28. Divination


29. Ethics, Beliefs, & Initiation


At this time we do not offer online instruction or a correspondence course.

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