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Classes: Overview
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The Order's main purpose is to teach. We welcome anyone of sound mind and honorable ethics and ask in return for open mind, respect given to all, a willingness to experience and share, and a desire to find and walk their true path.*

Our training period lasts anywhere from 6 months to over a year. The subject matter is wide ranging and intended to offer the student a foundation of knowledge, increase the student's awareness of their higher self, and spark a desire to explore and expand their spiritual growth. Our teachers are encouraged to expand the curriculum to include their areas of specialization and the interests and needs of their students.

The Sibylline course is structured into three main sections. The first deals with understanding the self and the pagan world. The second deals with working with energy through ritual, meditation, and shamanism. The third deals with introducing the student to more advanced studies such as Kaballah, astrology, herbalism, and divination. (complete syllabus)

  • Each student is given the opportunity to act as Priest/ess.

  • Care is given to train each member of the class to participate in and direct the energy in a circle.

  • There are no required books for the class though an extensive reading list is available to aid the student in personal growth.

  • Classes are usually held weekly run for a period of 6-7 months.

  • Each class is around 3 hours long.

  • Classes are structured lectures as well as workshops.

  • The classes are smoke free, but reasonable breaks are provided.

  • Due to the nature of the classes we do not offer online instruction.

Registration is free. Teachers may work out equitable arrangements with students to help cover expenses such as rental space, supplies, transportation, etc. We do not ask that you pay for classes in advance and will work with students to accommodate their financial abilities. Money is not a deciding or limiting factor. Please check our forums for postings of current classes.

*A teacher may select their students based upon class space and compatibility.

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