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Sibylline Order Bylaws

  1. The Order is defined as a branch of modern Wicca that employs a specific body of knowledge that is transmitted to students prior to initiation.

  2. Initiates of the Order are entitled to teach, perform healings, and perform public and private rituals and other work as members of the Order, and to call those offices Sibylline.

  3. Initiates of the Order are entitled to form covens, circles, and groups as members of the Order, can practice solitary, and/or follow the dictates of their hearts as they see fit.

  4. Each coven, circle, group, or class is independent of any other coven, circle, group,of members, and is entitled to structure itself, make rules for itself, and conduct itself as it chooses, with the consensus of the membership of that oven, circle, or group.

  5. Each initiate is considered to be autonomous and not required to participate in any pre-existing coven, circle, or group founded by other members of the Order, or to consult with other members of the Order prior to performing work.

  6. The Order does not have any authority over individual members, but members of the Order can ask other initiated members to assist in initiations and other rituals performed by or individual members of the Order. Any initiate has the right to refuse such a request.

  7. An individual initiate who teaches and initiates new members is the sole authority over who will be initiated, but may ask for assistance with the ritual.

  8. An Initiate is Initiated into the Order as a whole, and into Wicca, and not into a specific coven, circle, or group of members of the Order.

  9. Individual initiates may perform public ritual as members of the Order without consulting the body of membership of the Order, but may ask for assistance of the other members, who of course, have the right to refuse.

  10. Members of the Order have the right to refuse to include anyone into their own covens, circles, or groups whether initiated into the order or not.

  11. Initiates, participants of other traditions, and guests may be included in rituals conducted by individual members of the Order at their own discretion, without permission of other members of the Order.

  12. Initiation into the Order can not be revoked by any other member of the Order. Once initiated, a member is always a member, but is not required to participate in any coven, group, circle or ritual conducted by other members unless they so choose, or to in any way conform to any set of standards beyond, "Harm none, and do as you will." and oaths of initiation.

  13. Members of the Order can assume any title they want, except that of head of the Order (or similar title).

  14. There will be no head of the Sibylline Order. There will be no governing body. There will be no dues or other moneys paid to the Order as a whole. Each individual member is responsible for his/her own actions and beliefs, and for no one else's. The council of Elders and the founders are to be considered members, with no more or less authority than any other member, beyond the setting of these bylaws, which the founders can not amend in the future.

  15. There will be no amendments made to these bylaws limiting the autonomy of individual members of the Order.

  16. Amendments to these bylaws can be made only with the unanimous approval of the entire body of initiated membership of the Order.

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