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The Sibylline Order

The Sibylline Order offers training to individuals over the age of 18 interested in learning eclectic Wicca for the purpose of becoming self-actualizing, self-sufficient practitioners of the Craft. Our Order exists to teach and to support those who are seeking a spiritual path. The Sibylline Order is in service our initiates, students, and the greater community.

Founded in Houston, Texas in 1991, Sibylline members currently extend throughout parts of Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Sibyllines come from numerous traditions and are involved in community projects, aesthetic endeavors, and personal growth. We are not a coven and our initiates are free to interact within the Order, with other organizations, or to leave as is their Will.

We believe there is no competition on a spiritual path and encourage our students and initiates to grow spiritually and connect with their higher Will. Our initiates own their own actions. Circles or a covens formed by Sibylline initiates exist as independent groups aside from the Sibylline Order.

Sibylline Classes Overview
We ask all of our students to have an open mind, respect between all, a willingness to experience and share, and a desire to find and walk their true path.

The course core curriculum covers history, psychology, physics, shamanism, energy working, and meditation – teachers are encouraged to expand the curriculum to include their areas of specialization and needs of their students. The subject matter is intended to offer the student a foundation of knowledge, increase their awareness of higher self, and to spark a desire to explore and expand their spiritual growth. The training period may last anywhere from 6 months to over a year. Intent to initiate is not a condition to take classes, nor is it required for successful completion of the course work. (Full Course Curriculum)

Students who are 18 years or older and interested may request initiation after the 9 Inner Planes class. We do not recruit members, thus our students are informed of what initiation entails and after that, they may approach their teacher and request initiation. There is no charge for Initiation, and no further dues or payments of any kind. Intent to initiate is not a condition to take classes, nor is it required for successful completion of the course work. (Initiation)

Degrees of the Sibylline Order Overview
Sibylline degrees are an acknowledgment of personal growth, discipline, study and service and are an honor to receive. They confer no hierarchical authority over any member of the Sibylline Order, nor over any individual, coven, circle, or grove. (Degree Requirements & Rights)

First Degree may be granted upon completion of the full course of study. First Degree is intended to liberate a person from society’s influences and to guide them to their own higher power. A First Degree Sibylline Priest/ess is entitled to teach, to study other traditions or specialization, form covens or circles, and to do their will as it harms no others.

Second Degree may be bestowed after a Sibylline has mastered a specialization and is using it to benefit the community, pagan or otherwise. Titles such as "Healing Priestess" indicates a priest of Second Degree or higher.

Third Degree may be bestowed after a Sibylline masters two or more areas of specialization, is using them to benefit the community. Elders are Third Degree initiates who have been selected by the membership or Council of Elders. They represent the voice of the Order when called upon to do so and teach or aid in teaching the Sibylline course of study.

* Teachers may choose their students based upon compatibility and space availability. No one will be turned away due to race, color, creed, sexual preference, or gender. Elders may be approached with problems or concerns. In order to teach the "Sibylline Course" teachers must adhere to this basic tenant and follow our syllabus.

**A teacher has the right to refuse initiation. If a student disagrees with their decision they may bring the matter to a Sibylline Elder for discussion.

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