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New Year’s Tarot Spread

New Year’s Tarot Spread

The New Year is fast approaching and in the run-up to it many people look forward to using the New Year Tarot Spread in order to get a glimpse of what could happen for them. This is because every twelve years on a particular date, a special event called the New Year occurs. It is this period of time when people actually celebrate the conclusion of one year of life and start another. This makes it important that people get a full grasp of what is about to happen to them, both in emotional and practical sense. So how does one go about getting the most from their New Year Tarot Spread?

It is important to understand that the cycle which the New Year occurs within is nothing random. Rather, it is the outcome of a sequence of events which started long ago. Each one of these events has a symbolic meaning. These meanings have been attached to various objects and activities which took place during the year and they will continue to do so well into the future. Therefore, it is important that you understand how and why each New Year’s card relates to your personal situation, as well as your relationship with the other members of your household.

The New Year begins with the appearance of good news, as there is some good health among the people of the year. This is seen in the fact that they are no longer in debt. Also, the fact that financial prices are lower than normal will also be celebrated. At the same time, people will celebrate the fact that they have finally achieved self-sufficiency, after a long period of being dependent on others. Finally, the new year will be one in which stability returns, and families finally start to settle down and begin to grow together.

During the last ten days of the year, there will be another major Tarot Spread which will be revealed. This time the cards will deal with money, and it is the opportunity of the year for couples to start rekindling their relationship. It is also the time when a new perspective may dawn upon a couple, when old disputes are left behind and replaced with new concerns and emotions. There is also the chance that a couple may decide to start a family. Finally, another significant event will occur at this time which will affect them both emotionally and financially. This is the time to look for ways to manage their resources better, as well as looking for opportunities for financial gain.

At the beginning of February, there is the return of the Moon card which symbolizes a time when beginnings are appearing again. The Moon urges you to look towards your inner desires and to begin making plans to meet those desires. There is also the tendency for the Sun card to appear, which symbolizes the triumph of reason over emotion. This triumph will encourage you to move towards success, and there will be many opportunities for you to take advantage of this. The Moon and the Sun card represent balance and justice, two things that we are unfortunately lacking at this time.

The New Year’s Tarot Spread can also indicate pregnancies, birth of a new baby, or the start of some major changes. All these things are positive and have one thing in common; they will positively influence the way you will deal with each of the other. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these are not permanent things, and major shifts will occur. They are natural and occur naturally every day, so you should not read them as a sign that certain things will definitely happen. What you can look for instead is an indication that things will probably change in your life for the better, especially if you happen to be the positive outcome.

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