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Review Guidelines & Submission

We welcome book reviews from both members and friends of the Order. You may choose to review any book you want, but we are mainly interested in the following topics: religion/spirituality, archeology & history, magick & ritual, myths & legends, spiritual practices (shamanism, healing, yoga, tarot, meditation etc.), qabalah, alternative medicine, and fiction (mysteries, romance, science fiction, poetry etc.).

You may submit a word attachment or email text to our webmaster/editor: or cut and paste into the form below. (Please note: We reserve the right to make grammatical and factual changes to any submission. Please refer to our submissions guidelines for more info on formatting.)

Submissions must include the following:

  • Book Title
  • Author(s) and/or editor(s)
  • Date of publication
  • Edition (if beyond the first)
  • The review (minimum of 300 words)

Tips to Writing a Review

    1. Begin with basic information: what type of book it is (fiction, non-fiction, textbook, etc.), genre (mystery, biography, adventure, etc.), field of interest, and the author's central subject matter, purpose, or thesis.
    2. Add some details. For fiction, describe the setting, main characters, and basic plot. For non-fiction, describe the primary concepts, context, areas covered, and methods of communicating ideas.
    3. Provide a review rather than a synopsis of the plot. Giving insight to its pacing, level of intricacy, character development, etc. Please, don’t give away major plot points.
    4. Give your opinion of the work. Point out strengths and weaknesses. How did the book affect you? What did you like or dislike? Did you learn anything new? How is the book related to your own course or personal agenda? How does this book compare to others in the same genre? Describe who might be interested in reading this book—beginners, scholars, historians, etc. What did you think of the author's writing style (engaging, dense, accessible, funny, etc.)? Include quotes from the book to illustrate your opinions.
    5. Finish the review with your final opinion – is it worth reading? Readers want to know if the book is worth their time and money.

Writing Negative Reviews

We will publish negative reviews when the review is insightful, informative, and intelligent. No one wants to invest time or money on a book that is poorly written, factually flawed, or fails to fulfill its objective. Clear examples of flaws and errors, alternative books that are well written on the subject, and good reasons as to why you did not like the book are essential to creating a negative book review that educates rather than just slamming an author. Personal dislike is fine, but you must clarify the reasons the book let you down (style, tone, nothing new covered, etc.).

Submission Form for Book & Music Reviews









* name to appear with your review.


* must be filled out so that we may contact you.

Can readers email you directly?
*If yes, your email will accompany your article.


By submitting this form you are authorizing the Sibylline Order to reprint your submission on Please review the submission and copyright information. All submissions must be original and submitted by the author or authorized person. If there are any edits needed, other than spelling or formatting, you will be contacted. reserves the right to decide which works to post.Thank you for allowing us to share your work with the community. Blessings...

If you have any problems or questions please email the web mistress:


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