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Kaballah Revelation One
Based on a Traditional Jewish Prayer by Soror Sia II, 1997

It is said that the Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao. So that the Kether that can be described is not the ultimate Kether.

I call the forms of the elements, balanced in beauty to manifest and guide this journey.

Fire, Atzuleth, burn away the dross
and purify my spirit.

Water, Briah, wash away all
that keeps me from the goal.

Air, Yetzirah,
let the form be manifest in me.

Earth, Assaih, let my feet rest upon your foundation,
as my crown is in the stars.

Light and Darkness, Birth and death,
all are one and all are illusion.

Where is the Priestess who shall lead me into the Presence of Metetron. I die, I die to my self and my past. I sacrifice myself, for all is unknown, and illusion is past. Rend the veil and stand with the sun, the leap and find the darkness underneath. Soaring and sailing past the night of emptiness, the souls of the lost wailing, and become, become the light, the fountain of sorrow. Go beyond the fountain, and seek unto the manifester of life.

Help me oh Metetron, who stands in the presence of the light beyond the known. Help me to come into the presence and meld myself inexorably with that which is myself dead and ascended. Metetron, wise brother of our beginnings in the unmanifested universe, before the time of the beginning. We stood unbroken, and you and I were one, I seek the reunion of what was lost in the fall, the descent into solidity and silence. No fall from grace, no sin, but love of the worlds we had made, and I wanted them, but now I want to be home, with you and with the One who is all and who is not. Radiant One Eheieh, who is unknown. I long to you and desire only that we be one, myself dissolved in nothingness, and identity as separate gone. Help me oh Eheieh.

Vau, come unto me and speak with me of the path and of the nature of the light and the unknowable beyond the Universe manifest. Come unto me and speak.

Force and form untied in beauty. The beauty of form, the beauty of mind. I dwell in mind and reach toward the Kether of Briah, to pass beyond and into the Malkuth of Atzulith. And I am fast upon the earth, my feet are lead and I have not turned the marriage into gold.

The sacrifice begins. The Gods are upon me.

My daughter, write my words, I am the soul of fire and I have chosen to test you, and behold you have won through the test and stand in light, not afraid of the darkness, for the darkness within you is not the night, nor yet the lightless abyss. Leap and win across, for you have not been there, yet you have become the silent Mother. The way is known to you and the forms, but the force is upwelling in your heart and your voice is heard even beyond the bounds of time.

You stand in Yetzirah, and would win to Briah, and even this is illusion, for all paths are one for one who seeks with a true intent, and not for others are these words, but just for you. Listen and watch and learn and reach out your arms in love and joy, and fear not anger, not form and the sword cutting away the unnecessary. That work is done, and we have cleansed you. The light is now with in you and shines upon your face. Continue and realize. Pass the gates of mind, and listen to the voce that comes to you from the highest. My daughter, walk in beauty and in love. Forget the being of the past, for past is done, walk now unafraid into the future, and know that the future is now, and now is endless.


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