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Kaballistic Prayer to the Goddess
Based on a Traditional Jewish Prayer by Soror Sia II

My Goddess, open my lips and I will tell your praise.

Blessed are you, Mother of our God and the Goddess of our fore mothers, Goddess of Egypt, Goddess of Greece, and Goddess of the Celts. The Lady, The Great, the Powerful, the Awesome, Most High Goddess who does good deeds of loving-kindness and is the Mother of everything and remembers the deeds of loving-kindness of our fore mothers, and who brings joy their children’s children, for the sake of Her name, with love. Mother, Helper, Refuge and Shield. Blessed are You, Goddess, Shield of Thelema.

You are great forever my Goddess, You revive the dead, with great salvation. You cause the wind to blow and the rain fall. You nourish the living with loving-kindness, you revive the dead with great compassion, support the falling and heal the sick, and release the imprisoned, and fulfill Your faithfulness those who sleep in the dust. Who is like You, Mistress of Strength, who can be compared You? You are a Queen who causes death, [for purpose of] bringing the person back to life. Blessed are You, Goddess, who brings rebirth to the dead.

You are holy, and Your name is holy, and the holy ones praise you everyday, forever. Blessed are You, Goddess, the Holy Goddess.

You graciously give us discerning knowledge, and teach people understanding. Graciously grant us from Yourself discerning knowledge, understanding and intellect. Blessed are You, Goddess, who graciously grants discerning knowledge.

Return us, our Mother, Your law, and bring us close, Our Queen, Your service, and return us with complete innocence before You. Blessed are You, Goddess, who desires innocent joy.

Forgive us, Our Mother, for we have caused harm unintentionally. Pardon us, Our queen for we have purposely violated the will of others, for You pardon and forgive. Blessed are You, Goddess, the gracious one who forgives abundantly.

Please look at our affliction, and fight our battles, and assist us in our evolution the light for Your Name's sake because You are a mighty Teacher. Blessed are You, Goddess, Mother of Earth.

Heal us, Lady, and we will be healed. Save us, and we will be saved, since our praise is to You. And bring about a complete remedy for all of our afflictions, for You are Goddess, a Queen who is a faithful and compassionate healer. Blessed are You, Goddess, who heals the sick of the people of Earth.

Bless upon us, Lady our Mother, this year and all of its types of produce for good. And give a blessing on the surface of the Earth.[*] And satisfy us from Your bounty, and bless this year like the good years. Blessed are You, Goddess, who blesses the years.

Sound the horn call for our freedom, and raise a banner to gather in our exiles, and gather us together from the four corners of the earth. Blessed are You, Goddess, who gathers in the scattered ones of Your people of truth.

Return our judges us, as they were in the earliest times, and the ones who gave us counsel, as at first. And remove sorrow and groaning from us. And rule over us, You, Goddess, all by Yourself, with loving-kindness and compassion. And we should come out righteous in judgment. Blessed are You, Goddess, a Ruler who loves righteousness and justice.

And for the slanderers let there be no hope, and may all evil be instantly destroyed. And all of Your enemies should be quickly cut off, and the evil ones of domination and oppression. May You quickly uproot, and smash, and break, and humble quickly in our day those who slay the innocent, and oppress the will. Blessed are You, Goddess, who breaks enemies and humbles the evil dominators.

On the righteous, and on the devout, and on the elders of Your nation, and on the remnant of their scholars and on the righteous converts, and on us, please bestow Your compassion, Lady our Goddess, and give a good reward to all those who trust in Your name, in truth. And put our portion together with theirs, and we will not be embarrassed, because we have trusted in You. Blessed are You, Goddess, Mainstay of, and Assurer to the righteous.

And to the cities of the Earth You should return with compassion and You should dwell there as You told us You would. And let it be very soon, and in our days, as an everlasting dwelling. And may You speedily establish the throne of Kether within it. Blessed are You, Goddess, who builds the City of Light.

Lift us up into the awareness of our divinity, for we are Thy children, let us praise You as our Holy Mother and the Mother of the Universe. You are our eternal counsel of wisdom and rebirth, until we shall leave the wheel and join you in the heart of Light. Blessed are You, Goddess, who makes the glory of evolution flourish.

Hear our voice, Lady our Goddess, have pity and be compassionate to us, and accept our prayers with compassion and willingness, because You are a Goddess who listens to prayer and supplication. And from before You, Mother, do not turn us away empty-handed, because You listen with compassion to the prayers of Your people. Blessed are You, Goddess, who hears prayer.

Be pleased, Lady our Goddess, with your all Your people everywhere, and with their prayers, and reinstate the service to the Holy of Holies in Your House, and the sacrifices of the grain and the wine. And accept their prayers with love and willingness, and may the service of Your people, always be pleasing. And our eyes should see Your return with compassion. Blessed are You, Goddess, who returns Her divine Presence to the Earth.

We thank You, that You are the Lady our Goddess, and the Goddess of our mothers, forever. You are the Rock of our lives, the Shield against our enemies, in every generation. We will thank You and tell Your praise for our lives which are given over into Your hand, and for our souls which are in safekeeping with You, and for Your miracles which are with us everyday, and for Your wonders and goodnesses that occur at all times - in evening and in the morning, and in the afternoon. You are good, for You have not stopped Your compassion, and You are the Merciful One, for Your loving-kindness has not ceased.

Grant peace, goodness and blessing, graciousness, loving-kindness and compassion upon us, and upon all people. Bless us, our Mother together as one, with the light of Your face, because, by the light of Your face, You have given us, Lady our Mother, a Law of life, and a love of loving-kindness, and righteousness and blessing and compassion, and life and peace. It is good in Your eyes to bless Your people at all times and every hour with Your peace. Blessed are You, Goddess, who blesses Her people with peace.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to You, Lady, my Strength and my Redeemer.

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