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Magical Oil Recipes
by D. Sylvan of the Sibylline Order.

The following recipes are measured in drops, blended with enough base oil to fill a 1/2 ounce bottle. I prefer sweet almond oil, but olive, avocado, or jojoba will do. Olive is the cheapest but also has a smell of its own that may interfere with the recipe.

Recipes on these pages come from a variety of sources, most were altered in some way from their original forms. The majority are from Scott Cunningham's The Magical Household, Earth Power: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and The Complete Book of Incense Oils and Brews, and Yasmine Galenorn's Embracing the Moon, and my personal recipe box.

Simple Anointing Oil
5 drops myrrh
2 drops cinnamon

Full Moon Oil
3 drops sandalwood
2 drops lemon
1 drop rose

Goddess Oil
3 drops rose
2 drops tuberose*
(use Jasmine as a substitute if necessary)
1 drop lemon
1 drop palmarosa
1 drop ambergris*
buy synthetic ambergris or use a combination of cypress and patchouli as a substitute

Sexual Energy Oil
2 drops ginger
2 drops patchouli
1 drop cardamom
1 drop sandalwood

General Healing Oil
4 drops rosemary
2 drops juniper
1 drop sandalwood

Spirituality Oil
a good all-purpose anointing oil
7 drops sandalwood
4 drops cedar
1 drop frankincense

Protection Oil
4 drops basil
3 drops geranium
2 drops pine
1 drop vetivert

Sabbat Oil
2 drops pine
1 drop ginger
1 drop cinnamon
1 drop sandalwood

Power Oil
3 drops patchouli
3 drops black pepper - beware of getting black pepper oil on your skin
1 drop peppermint
1 drop ginger
1 drop orange

Citrus Purification Oil
add to cleaning products or mop water in the kitchen

3 drops orange
2 drops lemongrass
2 drops lemon
1 drop lime

Fast Money Oil
7 drops patchouli
5 drops cedar
4 drops vetivert
2 drops ginger

Even Faster Money Oil
10 drops patchouli
patchouli is a great money-draw

Scorpio Oil
3 drops pine
2 drops cardamom
1 drop black pepper

Moon Oil
for phases other than full
4 drops sandalwood
2 drops lavender
1 drop lemon

Love Oil
7 drops palmarosa
5 drops ylang-ylang
1 drop ginger
2 drops rosemary
1 drop cardamom

Come See Me Oil
prepare to beat dates off with a stick; this recipe is based on the Voudoun recipe/tradition.
1 drop cinnamon
3 drops rose
6 drops sandalwood

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