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2: Alchemical Exercises for Dissolution | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

These exercises help us learn to Let Go. The point is to immerse and dissolve the remaining ego in the waters of the unconscious, cleaning up the murky depths until all that is left are the “Two Great Fist” i.e. soul and spirit.

*Danger* the monsters of buried pain and letting go of control are just as bad as the “blissful” absorption into the Great mother. Self-dissolution can run the gamut from sainthood to drug addiction by surrendering to the subconscious and running amok. Do your Will, not your whim. Letting go is NOT giving up!

The Bain Maria
(named after Mary Prophetessa, one of the most famous female Achemists of the middle ages.)
The Bain Maria is a double boiler with the water exuding gentle warmth. Either seated or lying down, take deep breaths until you are calm, then inhale very slowly. Imaging that you are taking in the waters of the Bain maria that dissolve painful emotions and any area of pain or tension in you mind or body. Exhale slowly and deeply and visualize those hurtful areas melting away. Repeat until you feel genuine relief. Repeat exercise until all those areas are gone. Write down the results, visions, etc.

Questions to ask yourself during meditation

  • What will it take to dissolve me.
  • How have I been hurt by unrequited love, another’s wrath, abuse, meanness?
  • How did I react?

Visualize the Bain Maria, then re-live these experiences, but this time work with them. Your wound is gold, you have to relive you pain be feeling and working with only their pure energy, what is called their “vital principle.” Don’t think about the individual incidents, but work towards successfully dissolving the connections between the emotions and their source. Then the energy will be free to use elsewhere.

Cibation Meditation
Painful memories and hardened reactions are dredged up and felt again with the goal of refining the emotions tied to them. Turn the conscious inward to examine the areas of the psyche that appear the driest and most crystallized. Then add intensified emotions and feeling to re-express them and break them down. You must make yourself cry until you can’t cry anymore. Medieval Alchemists believed that the salt in tears was the crystallized remnant of thoughts broken down by crying. Therapists today consider that a client who is finally able to cry has reached a breakthrough in recovery. Crying is one of the fastest working methods in psychology and has successfully treated eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, drug abuse, depression, insomnia and rage, among others.

Living in the Moment
Become one with your environment by living entirely in the moment without judgment or comment – like a child. This is the “Being” state of Zen. It take practice to live in the here and now without goals, consequences or fears, but after a while, one suddenly experiences a sense of tremendous freedom and refreshment. We experience the Water of the Soul coursing through the body as innocent, unspoiled emotional energy – the reality of the eternal now. If you have progressed far enough, you might experience the 5th Element, the Quintessence that lies waiting in each one of us.

Overhauling the Belief System
Sitting down and examining all areas of your life where you are judgmental, greedy, excessive and selfish in order to break down assumptions and habits. Wash and dissolve them by freely expressing them with others (an AA 4th and 5th step). Stop being repressed, don’t force your lack of repression on others. Let the Inner Light shine through.

Uncontrolled Dissolution
(Not advisable!) Extreme physical stress, sickness and/or disease can knock aside the ego and force the dissolution process as we release pent-up emotional energies and live in the present of the bodily pain and discomfort. If confronted by this, one can still harness these alchemical forces and open a channel to the Above, by focusing on eternal truths and relying on the Above for strength.


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