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4: Alchemical Exercises for Conjunction | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

Creating the Overself
It is time to unite the soul and spirit (male and female within) in the physical vehicle of the body to create the True Self. The Spirit King seeks truth and beauty, the expression of the One Mind. He likes energetic expansion and is responsible for business, science, technology and the patriarchal world in which we live. He feeds on the abstract. The Soul Queen longs for story telling and imagery and thrives on money, home, family, art, music, poetry and dancing (earthly things). Spirit requires the passion of the soul to succeed, but ego get in the way. Until ego is gone, the person can’t unite.

Conjunction is the constellation of a new belief system that is no longer tied to convention. It is more in line with higher truths. The major effort here is the creation of a unified self that is true to both inner essence and universal truth and can withstand the onslaughts of ignorance, insensitivity and illusion, what one encounters in the world, so that the Alchemist can complete the higher operations. This is the marriage of the Sun and Moon.

Tarot Meditation
Meditate on the Lovers (union of the two sides of the self) and Strength (renewed energy to carry on the work and face the coming challenges that are the result of the Union).

Sexual Alchemy
Make love with your partner after you have both been meditating twice a day (for at least a week) to establish metaphysical rapport. Concentrate on the exchange of energy until the energy connects with the Above and creates in both of you a body of light. Record the experiences and try to stay in the body of light as long as possible. This exercise can also be done as self-love in a meditative state.

Working with Earth
Outside, find a secluded location without insect infestations (good luck) Cast circle, then focus and meditate on the 4 directions starting in the North and working deosil until you feel all 4 elements unite within you as spirit.


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