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7: Alchemical Exercises for Coagulation | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

Now we are working with the Ultima Materia of the Soul. The body is made spiritual and the spirit is mad corporeal. Coagulation transcends heaven and earth and produces a new incarnation that can survive both. It is the combination of Eastern and Western mysticism and practice. The coal becomes the diamond. It is paradox.

The Grand Meditation – How to Dematerialize
Part One: Take a comfortable position in a quiet place with no interruptions, ideally an area dedicated to spiritual pursuit, like a meditation room. Perform this meditation in the morning or after a short nap. Remove all jewelry, wear loose clothing. Close your eyes and breathe in deep, slow, regular rhythm. Relax all muscles from toes to head. Concentrate on releasing any tensions or earthly concerns until you are completely connected to the vertical Above-Below axis. Using your inner fire, burn away any hold ego has on you. Allow the water of the unconscious to rise and experience your hidden side until you understand how it is responsible for much of your behavior. When you get beyond all of your illusions, and you are fully relaxed, put your body and brain to sleep while you maintain a passive awareness (hypnogogic state). When you are numb and utterly relaxed in the void, float upward as a purified fire of consciousness, turning all ego against itself so that it is destroyed. Unite with the Above and bring these higher vibrations into your body (while watching and riding the waves above). Finally, ride the waves back into your body and circulate this energy into every fiber of your being. Observe these vibrations until you can crystallize them into a pure stone, this is your independent 2nd body. Exercise this 2nd body slowly your physical body is still asleep. Increase the vibrational rate until you can rise up out of the physical body. Then merge again with the physical body. Repeat this part until you are fully able to achieve separation with no problems.

Part Two: Leave the physical body and think about how light you are. Float free, strengthen you cord, then begin to explore; 1st the etheric, then the astral planes. Eventually, you will experience the “Glory of the Whole Universe. All will be absolutely clear to you.”

There are Three Broad Stages in this Meditation

  1. First Magisterium – the Lunar Stone, gaining control over your physical body
  2. Second Magisterium – the Solar Stone (Astral Body), mind is controlled through willpower, so fear and ego do not interfere
  3. Third Magisterium – The Stellar Stone (Astral Body), free from genetic, environmental, astrological restraints, your Being is free to express the bliss of your True Presence as you are born into the Universe and experience the “Greater Mysteries” of the ancients, where you will be further instructed by the Universe. You must then return to Earth and enter the final phase of projection and multiplication to perfect others, without believing your own press releases.

Images for Meditation
Visualize the soaring eagle, winged Mercury, the Balanced Scales of Justice. Wingless creatures borne away by the winged creatures, the Phoenix. Psychologically, the Phoenix is the resurrected personality seen as a successful individuation resulting in peace of mind, heightened energy and free-flowing adaptability to new situations. The Alchemist deliberately slows down his/her pace of life to allow feelings and intuition to surface, staying in touch with the inner Presence.

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