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Astrology: The Planets (Identity)

intro| identity | purpose | circumstance

5 Basic Steps to Interpret Chart

1. Look at the planet (identity).
2. What mental function are we considering? What part of the mind are we talking about?
3. Look at the sign (purpose). We are looking for the sense of purpose and evolutionary direction.
4. What is the planetary function seeking?
5. What is the WHY that underlies its activity? What is its hidden agenda?

Look at the sign-planet combination
How can its goal be achieved? What relevant resources does the sign contribute? What about the planet?

Look at the planet-sign combination and see how it may be distorted
What kinds of behavior are consistent with the meaning but not consistent with its evolutionary purpose? What is the shadow and dysfunction?

Look at the house (circumstance)
Where are the planet-sign issues being developed? What kind of behavior are they creating? In what part of life will a strong response to the planet and sign manifest as an improvement in one's circumstances? Where will a weak response lead to anxiety and frustration?

Guidelines for Interpreting Charts
First and foremost ignore everything until you have thoroughly grasped the sun, moon, and ascendant.

What is the WHY that underlies its activity? What is its hidden agenda?

Look at the sun
It is the formation of identity. Consider the sign it occupies. Why is the person alive? What is the evolutionary goal? How can s/he most effectively realize it? What are the risks?

Look at the moon
It is the formation of the individual's subjective, emotional nature. What sign shapes it? What kinds of experience are most essential to his/her happiness? How can s/he attain them? When moodiness takes over, how is it expressed?

Consider the ascendant
How does the person appear to the world? What is his/her mask? What kind of social personality is most suited to providing her with a comfortable, everyday sense of identity? How is that mask different from what we see in the sun and moon? How is it similar? What strengths and problems do these contrasts produce?

Consider the aspects among the elements of the primal triad. How are they linked? What are the strengths and risks?

Make a single statement that answers
Who am I?" I am a ___with the soul of a ___ wearing the mask of (the) ___.

observe where they lie in the hemispheres.

Upper Hemisphere - Objectivity. Person crafts public, visible events to grow as an individual.
Lower Hemisphere - Subjectivity. Person seeks inner realizations.
East - freedom and individual choice (decide, do your will,)
West - fate or destiny (learn to go with the flow and read the omens)

After absorbing all that, establish the identities of the planetary focalizers. Understand what role they play.
Identify the following:

  • The ruler of the ascendant. Establishes the individual's sense of personal distinction and identity.
  • Which planet has the most aspects.
  • Any planet that forms a conjunction with any of the 4 angles (ascendant, descendant, midheaven, nader). Very powerful influences from this combination.
  • Planets in their natural signs (called "dignified"). Determine planet's meaning. Planets in their natural houses. If a planet has both the influence is very strong.
  • Planets conjunct the sun. Any conjunction activates both. In other words one can not stir the energy of one planet's energy without activating the other(s).
  • 3 or more planets in the same sign or house (a stellium). The "whats" of the individual planets may be incompatible, so unravel each phrase separately, then weave a pattern of compromises among them, then remember that the sign or house has the overriding influence.
  • Any planet in one of the 4 angular houses. (1,4,7,10).
  • A planet that lies alone in any 4 hemisphere (they are called singletons). The focus of the hemisphere rests solely with that planet.
  • Any planet that makes a large number of aspects.
  • Any planet that aspects the sun and moon. The closer the orb, the stronger the influence.

Determine how the north and south nodes impact the other features of the chart.
What has the person done before vs. what they must become and accomplish now? What are the tensions?

South = karma and past lives
North = destiny and purpose of present life

Isolate patterns and themes in the birth chart. Recognize planetary alliances. Observe clusters of meaning. Note thematic tensions.

Use your heart and mind to find ways to resolve the identified life issues

Table of Archetypes Sun =Identity of self Moon = Soul Ascendant =Mask

Based on your Sun/Moon/Ascendant ask yourself what roles you have been playing and see how they fit your archetypes.

The Warrior
The Pioneer
The Daredevil
The Survivor
The Earth Spirit
The Musician
The Silent One
The Witness
The Teacher
The Storyteller
The Journalist

The Mother
The Healer
The Invisible Wo/man

The King/Queen
The Performer
The Clown
The Child

The Servant
The Martyr
The Perfectionist
The Analyst


The Lover
The Artist
The Peacemaker

The Detective
The Sorcerer
The Hypnotist

The Gypsy
The Student
The Philosopher


The Hermit
The Father
The Prime Minister

The Genius
The Revolutionary
The Truth Sayer
The Exile
The Scientist

The Mystic
The Dreamer
The Poet
The Chameleon


  1. Conjunction = Fusion. Two functions are fused together. If one operates it activates the other.
  2. Opposition = Tension. Person must learn to hold both halves of the polarity in consciousness and hammer out a compromise between them.
  3. Square = Friction. Two functions have nothing in common. The friction produced exerts relentless pressure on each planet to evolve, and to achieve growth and accomplishment.
  4. Trine = Harmony. Planets are natural allies, how and why are harmonious (the whats are different). They represent areas of unlimited potential for growth, but it takes an act of Will and self-discipline to trigger it.
  5. Sextile = Excitation. Both planets are stimulated and enlivened, they are stimulated into action. Beware of short-sighted lack of perspective.


1. Planet in its natural sign or house facilitates the expression of the sign.

  1. Planet lies in a sign/house especially alien = Fall (always opposite its sign of rulership). Both have to bend a great deal to achieve any common ground for joint expression.




1st house



2nd house



3rd house



4th house



5th house



6th house



7th house



8th house


Mars and Pluto

9th house



10th house



11th house


Saturn and Uranus

12th house


Jupiter and Neptune

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