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wicca 101 | rituals | meditation | magical studies

Wicca 101 Index
Information and essays for the beginning Wiccan.

Ritual Index
A collection of rituals ranging from solitary to ritual theatre.

Meditation Index
A collection of meditations intended to aid in discovering your true will.



Alchemical Exercises for Self Transformation
Compiled by Virginia from works by Dennis Hauck.

1: Exercises for Calcination
2: Exercises for Dissolution
3: Exercises for Separation
4: Exercises for Conjunction
5: Exercises for Fermentation
6: Exercises for Distillation
7: Exercises for Coagulation

Overview of the History of Alchemy
Synthesized by By Virginia Stewart-Avalon, Sibylline Priestess.

Ancient Egyptian Alchemy
by Michael Poe.

Reading an Astrological Chart
A basic outline of the signs, the houses, and how to go about interpreting an astrological chart. ~ By Virginia Stewart-Avalon, Sibylline Priestess.

A Visitation from the Goddess: Reflections on the Gemini New Moon
By Jean Hinson Lall; Published with permission from (06/04)

Christianity, the Magi, and Astrology
"The wise men from the east" and the "star" of Bethlehem, what were they really? Except from History of Astrology by Derek and Julia Parker

New Aeon
A consideration of astrological symbolism~ by Benjamin Rowe.



How Magic Works

Magical Herbalism
By D. Sylvan, Sibylline Priestess.

Herb/Plant Magical Properties
An extensively researched list to aid in selection. Not for internal or medicinal use.

Herbal Associations
A list of herbal associations to the astrological signs, Gods, elements, and Goddesses.

Oil Recipes
by D. Sylvan, Sibylline Priestess.

Oils and Oil Blends
Most essential oils have the same general magical applications as the herbs they derive from. This is a short list of some common oil blends ~ by D. Sylvan, Sibylline Priestess.

Crystal Correspondences

Footprints in the Chamber
Here mathematics as used in a more or less Pythagorean context provide a sort of key with which to approach the unfathomable nature of human consciousness.

Kaballistic Prayer to the Goddess
Based on a Traditional Jewish Prayer by Soror Sia II.

Kaballistic Prayer to the Goddess
Prayer for the nullification of profane and discursive thought during prayer and meditation. Rewritten and revised to meet Thelemics standards, useful for both men and women on a Thelemic, Kaballistic path.

Kaballah Revelation One
Based on a Traditional Jewish Prayer by Soror Sia II.

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