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Seeking the roots of paganism and exploring the beliefs of cultures throughout history.

The (Ancient) History of Religion: Hominization to Urbanization ~ By Raene, Sibylline Priestess (06/04)

The Sibylline Oracles ~ Explanation of what they are and their importance. By Patrick J Healy

Hecate ~ Goddess of the Witches

Interview with Marija Gimbutas ~ Anthropologist and inspiration

Ancient Roman Rites & Religion ~ By Virginia Stewart-Avalon; Sibylline Priestess

The Icelandic Hero; as Defined by Njals Saga ~ Compiled by Virginia Stewart-Avalon; Sibylline Priestess

Cernunnos; the Irish God ~ by Caitlin Matthews author of Celtic Spirit.

The Orestes Examination of the Greek plays that exemplify a cultural shift towards the feminine powers. ~ by Trinity; Sibylline Priestess

Ancient Egyptian History ~ By Michael Poe

Spell Codes Explained: From Herbarum Aliorumque Magicorum e papyro graeca magica XII by John Opsopau.

Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos: History of the Wishing Well ~ By Frater Choronzon

Ancient and modern invocations; prayers; and writings to the Gods.

The Orphic Hymns: Translated and interpreted by Virginia Stewart-Avalon; Sibylline Priestess M.Ed.(01/00)

The Charge of the Goddess

Traditional Charge of the God

Sibylline Charge of the God

Innana's Decent: Excerpt is from "Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her stories and Hymns From Sumer"~ by Diane Wolkstein and Samuel Noah Kramer.

The Hymn to Innana: By Enheduanna, Daughter of Sargon II of Akkad, Princess Imperial and Priestess of Inanna and the Moon in Ur: c. 2300 b.c.

Thelemic Prayer: Revised by Khoury

Prayer: Prayer to the Goddess and God for guidance and strength~ by Amber, Sibylline Priestess

Kaddish of the Goddess: Revised by Soror Sia

Gnosis: The Experience of a Priestess: By Soror Sia

Liber Lucina: Received by Soror Sia, 1997

Understanding where our motives and influences is the first step to making conscious decisions.


Cult Danger Evaluation Frame: A simple system designed to aid in identifying a manipulative organization otherwise referred to as cults ~ by P.E.I. Bonewits.

Battle for Your Mind: Intended to enlighten the reader to the common brainwashing techniques that many groups, cults and religious organizations use knowingly or unknowingly ~ by Dick Stutphens

Propaganda & Persuasion Techniques: Know what they are and how they work so that you can identify and avoid organizations that use them.


Pagan 12 Steps: For self-knowledge, magickal growth and progress in recovery ~by Khoury, sobriety date March 20, 1984.

Thelemic Four Step: For self-knowledge, magickal growth and progress in recovery.


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