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HISTORICAL EXPLORATION: Seeking the roots of paganism and exploring the beliefs of cultures throughout history.


Sibylline Oracles ~ By Patrick J Healy; Transcribed by Douglas Potter

Marija Gimbutas Biography of the archeologist considered largely responsible for the resurgence of interest in Goddess-oriented religions.

The Icelandic Hero As defined by Njals Saga. Compiled by Virginia Stewart-Avalon; Sibylline Priestess

Releasing the Butterfly of Chaos: History of the Wishing Well ~ by Frater Choronzon

The Orestes~ Examination the plays that exemplify a cultural shift towards the feminine powers. ~ by Trinity; Sibylline Priestess

Ancient Egyptian History ~ By Michael Poe

Spell Codes Explained From Herbarum Aliorumque Magicorum e papyro graeca magica XII by John Opsopau


Orphic Hymns As translated by Virginia Stewart-Avalon

Hecate Goddess of the Witches, Crone, Goddess of the Crossroads

Kali-Ma Kali is all things, womb and cremation, giver of life and devourer. There can be no life without death and no death without life. (06/04)

Cernunnos The Irish Horned God ~ by Caitlin Matthews author of Celtic Spirit

The (Ancient) History of Religion: Hominization – Urbanization ~ By Raene, Sibylline Priestess (06/04)

Ancient Roman Rites & Religion ~ by Virginia Stewart-Avalon; Sibylline Priestess

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