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A Study of Ancient Egypt by Michael Poe
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I have not heard of anyone who studies the Egyptian texts, temples, or tombs in order to determine how their traditions worked. I believe in finding out about a tradition by going to the original sources. To find out what the Egyptians practiced, how, why, when and by whom requires years of searching obscure journals, papers, translations of texts, excavation reports (which have illustrations, translations of what was excavated) of tombs, houses, temples. The study requires a lot of dedication, sleuthing, money, time and education. I hope to try to rectify this situation by publishing a series of books on ancient Egyptian personal worship and the Temple Priesthood. Showing what was taught, how was it taught, who the teachers and students were, how were they qualified, the difference between personal worship and temple worship, etc. This paper is only the beginning of my writings. -- author Michael Poe


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